Input Needed: Best Catback to DIY


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Hey all, I couldn't find a recent post about this so I figured I'd ask, I need a need to install a catback exhaust on my 08 GTi (w/TSi). I am doing it myself, I don't have a lift, and I'm looking for the best value for the $$.

I'm not looking for anything too impressive, basically a cross between direct replacement and a little performance. I'm open to diameter suggestions, and obviously am doing this sans-resonator. I'd say $700 is my absolute max, with $500 being really where I'd like to top out. Thoughts?


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Just an fyi, you will only gain a new sound, no power by adding an aftermarket exhaust.
I assume you are looking to buy a pre-made kit that you bolt in. Those are all fairly easy to do with jack stands only.
I used (long time ago) the 42DD system and liked the sound. Liked it.
Just go to AWE, UroTuning, ECS and CTS websites and you will see a number of systems available. At different prices.
GTI exhaust is 2.5in tubing and no need to upgrade unless you are planning on going past stage 1 power.
Upgrade would be to 3in tubing/

All these systems pretty much bolt together and have hangers that work with the stock position hangers. So you just bolt in place.

Easy first time project.