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    HID Fogs -MKV Gti, NIB

    "New in Box" a set of Hid fogs with ballasts from our long gone 2008 GTi. Looking to get $30 for the set. These have never been installed. They are still in original packaging. Never got around to installing as the car was wifey's. Picture coming in the am
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    Genuine MKV GTi Rear Brake Rotors, New in Box

    Cleaning out the garage, Sold the GTi in 2015. I have two Genuine rear rotors for a MKV GTi. May fit newer models, please check fitment. Paid $100 for the set, not including tax. Selling for $60, picked up, in cash or paypal. I will have to charge if you want these shipped but will work on...
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    Genuine Rear Brake Pads for MKV GTI -NIB

    Still sealed in the original box from VW is one set of rear brake pads for a MKV GTI. Would probably fit other models so please check. Model Number is 1K069845IL Here is a link to what they are. $40 shiped or $35 picked up Pasadena, CA. Genuine MKV GTi Rear Pads
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    Froge Diverter valve for 2008 Gti

    Complete and in great condition. $100
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    Freebie: Set of brake pads for 2008 GTi

    I also gound a forge diverter valve from teh 2008 GTi. What's this worth? Make offer if interested.
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    Freebie: Set of brake pads for 2008 GTi

    I'm cleaning out the garage and stumbled upon a set of brake pads, with little use. They were for a 2008 GTi that we no longer own. local pickup in Pasadena CA. These are free and come with a receipt for free replacements.
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    DDM HID fogs

    Cleaning out the garage and stumbled on this,new in box, never used set. $50
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    looking to part with a brand new Fast

    It came with our car in 2008. Never messed with and stallion original box. Looking to get five o
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    VW Fast For Sale.

    Still in original box that it came in when we purchased the car. Looking to get $50.
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    From Umnitza, never taken out of box. Brand new Make and offer
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    Found these in the garage and haven use for them. The whole shebang for $90 [/URL][/IMG]
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    Rear Rotors for GTI Brand New

    Looking to sell 2 OEM rotors for a MKV GTI. May fit other models but I'm not sure. Sold the GTI last year and just cleaning out the garage. Also have a Forge Diverter Valve available. The diverter was only used for a short period as we took it off for service and never reinstalled it...
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    Cleaning the garage out

    Since I no longer have the GTI, I have no use for all these parts in the garage. Stock Exhaust Forge diverter valve Coil Packs OEM brake rotors Brake Pads slightly used rears- FREE There are probably a few other things here that have to go or are going in the trash. Make an offer and...
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    Not one bit in the classifieds for 08 GTI

    Listed my wife's car in this forum's classifieds and not one bite. Anyways, it's going to Carmax this afternoon where they are giving us a measly $8,500. Time is money so we are taking it and moving on. If anyone wants a perfect 08, GTI, every single option available when she purchased it...