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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    Maybe someone can explain. I am not a big fan of country but I do like Southern Rock and Bluegrass. Are these a different genre or a sub genre? And what is this considered? I like these!
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    What hobbies do you have

    Gambling Cooking outdoors: grilling, wok, cast iron, and carbon steel Getting old. Used to go beach all the time and 10 years ago tried to do a flip over a wave and almost snapped my neck. My bmx and drift trike just sits under tarps now. No more roller rinks here anymore since the mid 80's.
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    Description: I can't find a video of all different waves separate. Mainstream stuff with binaural beats imbedded: Which leads to electronic drugs: Thumper To relax check out ASMR sorry not really music and I can't find any good ones right now: For you Strange Mud and golfdave: Which led...
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    Who else has dabbled in binaural beats?
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    That Tipper "Flares at Dawn" is digital drugs. Cool!
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    Lately been in a bluegrass mood.
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    I have a wide range of tastes. Some local stuff here: Before The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff took the Philly championships:
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    Share your best office prank....

    For secret santa, I got one of our not so favorite managers a "Managers for Dummies" book.
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    iPhone SE 2020 Owners

    On another note Gmail and Apple do not like each other. My preference is to use a microsoft based email so you can get push email vs gmail only checks email at set intervals.
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    iPhone SE 2020 Owners

    Spectrum uses an old system. For sending try as outgoing server and leave the other settings alone.
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    Wallet search I may have to get this as my paper gets shredded by my money clip.
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    What Is The Best Tmobile Cellphone

    As a phone tester, I find the iPhone the most stable and one of the few phones that can easily be used one handed. It is one of the easiest phones to use out of the box and has immediate support at your local apple store for quick warranty exchanges. Butt load of accessories and high resale...
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    French driver trapped for an hour in speeding 125mph car with no brakes

    See what happens when you have a manual transmission. In an automatic you just shift to neutral.
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    How to get over a breakup?!

    Sorry I am a bros before hoes kinda guy. Losing a girl just frees up more time for me and travel. Its Superbowl time too. More guy stuff! Then I got the best buds around. Not that I get depressed but they keep reminding me that I drive a gti. I can get any girl I want! Lol. Look up Tom leykis...
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    F UUU GALAXY S3 screen burn in :(

    Yup I have it on my Nokia lumia 900. I seen it on all phones but iPhone and HTC.