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    MK5 GTI FS/FT - Clean Title - STOCK

    Hi. Is this car still for sale?
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    FS: 2009 GTI Thunderbunny, 2 door, 92k miles, Long Beach, CA

    Hey! Is this car still for sale?
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    FS/FT: 2007 GTI (UG 4 doors 3 pedals)

    Hi! Is this car still for sale?
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    Tire truing?

    So.. this is years too late but I just got tires trued by Nate Jones Jr. at Nate Jones Tire in Signal Hill, CA
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    Valve cleaning (SFV/LA)

    Does anyone have a recommendation for intake valve cleaning? I've got no idea how bad the build-up is but i've got: 140K miles, 60K on APR stage1, 10K and counting APR Stage 2+
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    Mk5 stock DP advice

    Hi folks, I'm looking for someone in California who would be willing to help a noob out. I recently got a BB catted 3in downpipe and APR Stage 2+ tune. I did not do my research and did not keep my stock DP. I contacted my APR dealer and they said they don't have my DP anymore and suggest I...