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    DIY Coilover tools

    Never even opened.... Metalnerd part #mn2122 Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets Metalnerd part #mn3424 strut spreader bit Metalnerd part #MN224ZM 4 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade Metalnerd part #MN227MXX 6 point 27mm impact grade $50 shipped
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    Ross Tech vcds

    Gave up on doing a new vw/audi project so I dont need this anymore. $200 shipped.
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    FrankenTurbo F23T

    SOLD I had been holding this for someone but I havent heard back from them for quite some time. It has had its center section replaced and been looked at personally by Doug to make sure it is in good working order for the next user. I will include the golf R "map" sensor with the turbo. $850...
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    Uber Stealth Amp Rack

    $75 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Tinted Tails

    $100 shipped.
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    OEM base bars, Votex basket, bike carrier (rack)

    Here is a couple pics on the car: OEM base bar, Votex basket, and oem bike carrier. $475 shipped for everything.
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    APR stealth cat back

    $500 plus half the cost of actual shipping. I get a good UPS rate through work so shipping cost should not be too bad.
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    APR downpipe

    $450 plus half the cost of actual shipping. I do get a decent UPS rate through work so it shouldnt be too bad.
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    Hotchkis rear sway

    $175 shipped.
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    Neuspeed P-flo FSI

    $150 shipped.
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    Snow Water/Methanol with BSH throttle pipe

    Selling these items together as a package deal. I have numerous offers on the BSH pipe separate but I want to sell this all together as I think the end user will benefit by using the BSH throttle pipe. I would also recommend a throttle body spacer for dual nozzles but is not necessary... the...
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    SPM motor and transmission mounts

    About 8,000 miles on them. Worked awesome. $225 shipped.
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    Whiteline alk kit

    has about 8,000 miles... they are dirty but are in great shape. $125 shipped.
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    Worked great on my GTI... has about 8,000 miles on it. $300 shipped.
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    APR intercooler

    About 7,000 miles on it. Parting out my car to trade it. $800 shipped.