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Golf 2.0 TDI : Faulty IMF (Throttle Body) - help needed for replacment part options?

Hi Guys,

I have a 2004 Mk5 Golf 2.0 GT TDI 140Bhp (remapped) Engine code: BKD

My dash recently threw up a emissions workshop error message - I plugged in and get the following error message..19559 - Motor for intake manifold flap
After a lot of reseach on forums it looks like the resolution is to replace the Intake Manifold Flap with internal motor unit.

It looks a fairly simple procedure: 3 allen key bolts, a hose clip & the electrics plug - and placing the gaskets ( I am no machanic, lol)

My question is:

I have seen many different part numbers for what looks like the same part on ebay, each have the same 9 numbers but a different letter on the end e.g:

038 128 063 G
038 128 063 C
038 128 063 B etc.

Can someone please educate me on whats the difference?, which one I need?, or can I fit any of them?

Many thanks in advance,


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