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Old 01-28-2019, 04:15 PM   #1
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To use Filler Primer or Not to use Filler Primer

Hey all,

My 2009 GTI recently got rear-ended. The rear lower (and all lowers for that matter) is the Votex kit and sadly I have been unable to find a replacement due to it being discontinued.

Was gonna do the R32 rear, but due to cost involved with the part itself plus exhaust mods I have tabled that thought and decided to go with the painted base lowers in order to break up that gray plasticy look.

My question is this: to remove the texture should I sand down the plastic itself or is it a viable alternative to simply clean it very well, use a good adhesion promoter and lay down some good filler primer then sand that down to smooth it?

I've seen DIY's using both methods. In the DIY accepted on this site the guy seems to sand down the plastic using an orbital sander. However, in the accepted DIY on Vortex the guy uses the filler primer method, which seems to me to be a bit easier (not to mention quicker).

I have a Rigid jobmax with the sander head, so in theory I could do the sanding method, but if all things are the same I'd rather do the quicker method.

I'll be taking them to a shop to paint them, but they want to double the price if they smooth them out, so I figured I could save some $$$ by doing it myself.

So...from those of you that have done this or are very familiar with someone that has, what are the differences if any? Is it better for some reason to sand the plastic down directly? Or does it really make a difference as long as the prep work and adhesion promoter is done well?

Thanks for the input.
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Old 01-30-2019, 07:18 AM   #2
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I did a combination of both on my front lip and side skirts. Iíd recommend the same. Sand a bit to rough everything up. Youíll get better adhesion that way. Itíll also reduce the amount of filler youíll need.
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