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Unhappy Visor alert or "The Devil is in the details"

Just sharing here. Yesterday my wife lowered the passenger visor to block the easterly sun and the clip on the hinge side popped out of the headliner. Evidently, it is "socketed" to the headliner with the headliner and clip forming a tongue and groove as it is slid into place toward the rear of the car. This is nice. Now for the fastener from hell part. The front end of the clip (windscreen side) with the wire harness for the vanity light which is part of the visor assy... goes up into the headliner and is held in place with a torx bolt that lands on a thin wafer of plastic that surfaces the top side of the clip. Well, the head of the torx tore through the plastic and...that's what I am now dealing with. To make things even more interesting, the bolt taps into a floating nut up in the headliner fixture that you have just enough length to start while turning the bolt by the head between thumb and forefinger. There is nothing to push against to get it started. (It's like the grab handle clips if you have delt with those). Anyway I re-assembled it with a small washer to grab more plastic, closed the cap over the head of the torx and crossed my fingers for the future. If you were to push this nut too far, I think you would have to drop the headliner to recover it.

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