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Old 02-09-2019, 09:06 PM   #1
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176,000+ miles, keep fixing/ upgrading or save for something newer?

Itís a 2007 FSI, has had just about everything done over the past couple years Iíve owned it, dealership couldnít think of anything that would really need done until timing belt again at 200k. I love this car but donít want to keep putting stuff into it if itís not going to be capable of being reliable.

Iím a freshman in college and only really have the money for regular maintenance and the occasional upgrade, (Iíve done suspension, and just got a boost gauge delivered.)

I have rust and chipping paint in both front fenders and want to get them replaced but if this car isnít worth the work then Iím going to stop putting much into it until I can get something newer,

So really my point is, is a 176k mile gti still worth the fixes and upgrades?

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Every vehicle will be a money pit sooner or later. Allot of of newer ones it’s sooner now cause companies are being cheap in the build, yet charging you as a customer a ridiculous fortune with interest to get into it. For me keeping the older vehicles is affordable as I do my own work & source reasonable deals on parts. School debt is already bad enough & you can’t bankruptcy your way outta it. But brand new low end bottom base POS cars are like 20k now, insane. I remember the mk4 gti with all the sport stuff being that much, now a well equipped version is like 30. If your young with no credit history they will rape you with interest too. Insurance will always be higher on the new stuff as well.
If you have allot of probs with it that you can’t deal with maybe it is time to let go. But I recommend something used that you still like and can afford and possibly easily maintain.
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