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Exclamation New to VW

ok, so I'm brand new to the VW scene. I might get some hate for this but I'm a big Datsun fan and I own a 720 too. I just picked up an mk5 gti not too long ago and I'm really loving it! I have a couple of problems though. to start at the moment I live in an apartment complex so doing anything on my own right now is a big NO. ill be moving into a house son later this month so that shouldn't be an issue soon. its lowered but I have no idea with what type or brand of suspension. that also plays into that I can't get a jack under there. I can't keep the check engine light off for whatever reason and every time I check it's a different code. I had to sort out some transmission stuff after I got it and it turned out that the PO had a leaking tranny filter cap. I fixed that and filled her up with factory fluids and now she drives like a dream and doesn't have any hesitation or hard shifting. next is that again the PO blew out the speakers so I need help finding the layout. he left some subs in the boot but I'm not sure if they work or not but more importantly, is it possible to run a setup without component speakers? I would say that I'm a novice when it comes to working on cars as the only stuff I've really worked on is from 1985 backward. thanks for any help oh wise wizards of the VW realm

edit: almost forgot that he did not give me the car with a grill. also, anyone in my area that is willing to help me out or sort of be a mentor to me would be greatly appreciated as I am starting tech school in August
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