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Hello everyone, some of you will tell me Im dumb as fuck for this, but I wanted to know if there's a way to put halogen headlights on HID's xenon factory headlights?, just bought for 150 for 2 good looking ones, and the actual normal oem hid's ones are around 400$ and on ebay, reason is because I found all my cables pilled off inside the headlights housing, and money is an actual problem right now for me, since I just rebuild my engine with my brother, any helps would be appreciate it, for the comments about downgrading, it's just headlights, money is my main problem.
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It can be done except the HID use a 12 pin plug and the Halogens use a 10 pin plug so you will have to change those out. They do not make a 12 to 10 pin plug harness unlike the 10 to 12 they make for people that convert the other direction. May want to go to the yard and cut the plug harness from a Halogen 10 pin plug car and use on the de-pined 12 pin plug. I do not believe all the pins you need for the halogens plug will fit so you may have to splice a few. You will need to use VCDS for the coding.
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