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'14 S5 Seat Swap into '07 GTI

Posted on Vortex, but figured I'd put it here for best visibility...

Hey, guys.

I've been slowly working on this for the past month or so, but need some assistance as I'm not entirely sure how to go about wiring up power/heat on these seats in a car that came with just heated/lumbar leather seats. I have a set of 2014 Audi S5 seats with power and heat, but no memory. So far, I've just been working on the passenger seat and have managed to figure out the PODS, airbag, and the seat buckle. Luckily the wiring for the PODS on the Audi seat is identical to that of the VW. Based on the digging I've done here and on Google the manufacturing date of the seats is important so I'll that this evening for you all as well as the wiring information I've collected so far. Another guy on Vortex put these in his MkVI R so I suspect I should be able to do the same.

Aside from manufacture date on the seats and pin outs on connectors what else would I need to share?

A few days later...

Alright. Since I've gotten the PODS system down I'm only going to include wiring that I need help identifying for now.

My VW passenger seat shows a build date of 5/30/06 and the Audi passenger seat 11/7/13.

*Indicates primary wire color

Passenger VW Black 10-pin connector (T10b?)

4 - Blue/Black*
5 - Brown
8 - Black/Red*
10 - Blue/Purple*

I was able to find some info on the Audi plugs which I've listed as well

Passenger Audi Red Connector

2 - Green/Black* (Power for rear footwell light)
3 - Brown (Ground line for rear footwell light)
4 - Black/Red* (Power line for control module/motors)
5 - Brown (Ground line for control module/motors)
6 - Green/Orange* (CAN high)
7 - Brown/Orange* (CAN low)

I suspect I only need the wires in position 4 and 5 to power the seats.

Passenger Audi Green Connector

1 - Brown/Green* (Ground line for temperature sensor)
2 - White/Black* (Power line for temperature sensor)
3 - Brown (Ground line for control module/motors)
4 - White/Red* (Power line for seat heating element)

Here I believe I'll just need power for the module unless there's a temperature sensor on the VW connector already, but I don't think there is since there's just four wires.

Let me know if there's any other info needed.
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Please see PM from the Tex
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