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Old 03-10-2019, 08:21 PM   #1
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Ebay downpipe

I am ordering a ebay downpipe i have a 2008 gti with a bpy engine i need somethings thats gonna bolt directly on without any modification

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eBay probably won’t fit without modification. I just installed this one on my passat:

It physically bolted up, but it needed shortened by about 2” and the mounting bracket that bolted to the subframe needed cut and re-welded because it was rubbing against the subframe and causing weird noises and vibrations. If you buy it, i would suggest having an exhaust shop install it if you don’t have a chop saw/welder. Oxygen sensor bung also needed some work because they didn’t weld it directly over the hole they drilled.

My advice, if you want something that won’t need work just spend the money on a quality dp. I used to have the ATP downpipe and it fit great.
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Old 03-12-2019, 01:16 AM   #3
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The length...that's because it's a Passat (CC is the same), they use a slightly shorter downpipe

Originally Posted by eurocars View Post
I used to have the ATP downpipe and it fit great.
x2 on the ATP pipe
Great quality/perfect fitment
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Old 03-13-2019, 09:03 AM   #4
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I lucked out on my $70 eBay DP. Fit perfect, V-band seems good quality, welds look clean. Quality varies on eBay - if you're a gambler you might do good....or not. :-/ If your budget can afford it, ATP all the way. At least you'll have someone to call if you have a problem. I was taking the cheapest course to stage 2.
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Some of those use a lower grade stainless tho, the welds look clean enough, but the quality of stainless steel is not on par with the quality pipes.
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