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Bi-Xenon High Beam problem

Hello everyone! I need some direction and advice for a specific headlight problem with my Mk5 GTI.

Car: 2007 GTI, Factory equipped Bi-Xenon headlights

Problem: When switching the High beams on, (stalk forward-headlights switched on) BOTH* high beam shutters actuate and Both* headlights have high beams. However after approx 3 seconds, the high beam shutters close and return to low beams with a generic light warning on dash; all while stalk is still forward in “high beam on” position. Same scenario if I pull back and hold the stalk for intermittent high beam function. All the bulbs on the car work and are OEM. No aftermarket parts or retrofits with the electrical or lighting system. Bulbs, igniters and headlight assemblies are all OE and have never been removed from the car. Absolutely no other alterations or mods to the electrical system have taken place. I’ve only seen people have issues with the shutters staying locked on high beam or not work at all on one side. I’ve never seen where both shutters work but return to low beam for an unknown reason. I am able to temporarily make the issue go away by switching the high beams on-off a couple times but the problem returns.

Thanks in advance,
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