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Old 07-21-2019, 08:51 PM   #1
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Codes p0089 and p2293

Hey y'all, today I started get random power loss/fuel cuts after driving for 2hrs on the hwy. It would loose power for a second then back to normal. It was 98°outside. It idles fine and did not though codes. I still plugged in obd2 reader and got 2 pending codes.

P0089 suction control valve stuck
P2293 Fuel pressure regulator 2 performance

Recent maintenance I've done:
Fuel filter 2mths ago
Spark plugs 1mth ago

06 GTI w/156k miles
My mods:
Since 96k miles-
K04 DM+tune
Apr intercooler

Since 122k miles-(had to replace due to cam follower)
HPFP with autotech Hi-Volume Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

I can't find a definite answer on what the problem is after searching, could be Lpfp, n76 valve, coil packs, fuel filter or just the extreme heat. Any ideas?

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It basically told you wats wrong

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