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Need opinions on what to do GTi wise??

I've had my mk5 for about 2.5 years now, has been stage 2 for about a year, recently stage 2+. Originally got a dsg as I drive too much and didn't want a manual daily driver. I've been living in a different place for a while now which means not nearly as much driving as before, so I really want a manual again, and also want my dream mk5 that I was originally shopping for but settled on the one I bought because it was cheap (I just want a black 3door manual with leather+sunroof)

My main concern is, if I were to buy another mk5 and sell my current one, what's involved in reverting it to stock? For instance, I wanna keep my twintake and autotech hpfp upgrade so that's easy enough I have the stock parts still but regarding the ecu remap and the bigger exhaust, what's involved in getting it standard? Do I have to reinstall a stock sized custom exhaust and get a some kind of custom de-tune?? Or can I just get some kind of tune to run with the stock intake and hpfp and the custom 3"dp and hi flow cat??
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