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Old 07-13-2018, 01:34 AM   #1
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There's gasoline where it shouldn't be.

2006 VW GTI

I recently pulled the engine and was just finishing up putting it back in. I made the mistake of reversing the fuel supply and return lines on the in tank fuel pump.

Before I realized the fuel lines were mixed up I was attempting to prime the fuel system and was met with fuel pouring out of the throttlebody.

I've since fixed the fuel lines, but still. Any time the system attempts to prime more and more fuel keeps pouring out.

If the reversed lines weren't the cause of this problem, what could I have possibly done wrong to cause this to happen?

And how do I go about fixing this royal mistake?

Edit: Turns out, the fuel supply line should NOT connect to the evap line. Let that be a lesson to you all.

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Lol ive done that. Your are going to need a new n80 valve

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