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Old 07-11-2018, 06:24 PM   #1
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Is this mechanic BSing me?

So I recently had to replace the engine in our 2008 GTI because the oil level kept dropping and my wife didn't add oil.

Immediately after getting the car back with the new engine it starts periodically shooting a big cloud of smoke out the back, which is accompanied by a severe loss of power. So I brought the car back to the people who replaced the engine and they are now telling me that the turbo is bad and needs to be replaced and this is not covered by the warranty for the engine because it is unrelated and it is just a coincidence that this started immediately after the engine replacement.

This sounds dodgy to me, so I'm going to have the car looked at by someone else to get a second opinion. Anybody out there who knows stuff about cars have any thoughts on whether this seems like BS? On the one hand, I suppose it would sort of make sense if it was a preexisting problem since that might explain why the car lost oil in the first place. On the other hand, the car never shot huge clouds of smoke out the back before, and it is a bit strange that that started immediately after the engine replacement.

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They could have fucked something up when they were installing the new engine. I would get it looked at by a different mechanic. Also, that does sound strange that your turbo would suddenly shit the bed after having the new motor installed. Did you have the work done at a reputable company?
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If the engine died from lack of oil, then that the turbo dies as well, immediately or shortly after, is not unexpected. Once again a turbo is even more sensitive to lubrication than the engine itself and can be destroyed in a few seconds without oil.
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Old 07-20-2018, 03:49 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by Cappy View Post
might explain why the car lost oil in the first place
Maybe, but honestly oil consumption is just a thing with these cars. I have to add a quart to my 08 FSI every 2500mi (the min and max on the dipstick are about a quart apart) so twice between each change @ 7500mi (just my personal change interval). My previous 08 FSI was a little bit less thirsty especially after doing the VC gasket.

I think VW only considers it out of spec if consumption is greater than a quart every 1000mi which would be a car going from max to min quite a few times between oil changes! You can't own this car and not be in the habit of checking the level, and that goes for any turbocharged vehicle because the turbo is what needs the oil most (spins the fastest by far).

Best of luck with the repair.
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