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Old 08-10-2018, 03:51 PM   #1
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Eurodyne Maestro: Fix for low boost on F23T base files (H-series ECU code)

Disclaimer: What follows is just my own investigation and experience. You should do your own due diligence and I take no responsibility for any issues you encounter, etc...

Hi guys,

After installing my F23T a while ago I spend a long time chasing a suspected hardware issue that was causing me a weird issue:

Under WOT, boost would bounce around 12-14PSI until about 4K - 5K rpm, at which point it would shoot up over 20PSI and hold well.

To cut a long troubleshooting story short I discovered that it wasn't a hardware issue, but rather an error in the base Eurodyne Maestro F23T files for the H-series ECU code. The error affects both the stock and S3 injector files in the library, as listed here:
  • 1K0907115H_F23_S3inj.mstro
  • 1K0907115H_F23_Stkinj.mstro

The issue is with the Boost duty map as shown here:

Compare that to the same map from the B-code ECU file:

For reference, here is the same map from the K04 file:

So here is how I fixed it:

Exported the following maps from the 1K0907115B_F23_StkInj.mstro library file and imported them into the H-code file:
  • Boost duty
  • Boost PID

The Boost PID maps are very similar in both the B and H ECU code files, but knowing the close relationship between the two maps I decided to make sure they were a 'matched pair'.

Here are logs before and after I imported the maps. I didn't have to go through the entire RPM range to test and know if the issue was resolved, that's why it cuts off early:

You can see in the unmodified file I am only making 14PSI @ 3840rpm ; whereas in the modified file I am already over 20PSI @ 3440rpm

It's very noticeable on the street

I've seen a few threads where people have experienced the same issue...hopefully this information proves helpful to someone else.

2008 FSI DSG (United Grey) Software: Eurodyne Engine: F23T, AutoTech HPFP, GFB DV+, RS4 PRV, RFD, 3 bar MAP, Volant intake, eBay APR copy intercooler, 034 catch can, R8 coils, NGK PFR7S8EG plugs @ 0.026", noise pipe delete, 034 Street Density mounts, ECS pendulum mount with 034 billet insert Exhaust: CTS 3" catless downpipe, 3" GHL catback with extra 18" Magnaflow muffler Wheels: Audi Ultrasport 18x8
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Old 08-10-2018, 07:35 PM   #2
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Nice write up

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Old 08-11-2018, 09:17 PM   #3
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When I had my gti, Frankenturbo had me turn Watergate down to 9psi... That solved ALL my issues. Dm tuner (not sure if he is still tuning) fought to fix the tune because we was told Watergate was one thing and not the other. Not sure if this was your end issue also, but figured I'd share
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