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Old 02-14-2016, 11:38 PM   #1
Ready to race!
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A few days ago I encountered another white gti, a mk6. I was cruising in the middle lane on the highway in 6th when the mk6 pulled up beside me. I downshifted to 4th, then to 3rd as I slowed down to about 50, he downshifted as well. I started to honk, as I thought most people knew you go after 3 honks, and the mk6 took off after the first honk. I was puzzled as it immediately gained a 2 car jump, but only for a brief second as I then mashed the pedal and within seconds caught back up and pulled on him, hard. And continued pulling. I slowed back down and let him catch up. He just gave me a thumbs up and wasn't willing to race again. I'm stage 2+, mods on the mk6 unknown but I'm assuming stock since I won so easily. I know this isn't too impressive of a thread, but I was excited since it was with a mk6 and I honestly thought there was a chance I might lose. I'm sure the mk6 owner was thinking its time to get some more mods on
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The Fixer
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I crushed an Evo the other day, he wasn't ready.
Originally Posted by flat tire View Post
Figure out how to epoxy it and get rid of the car ASAP.
Originally Posted by dustinwark View Post
Smart man, unfortunately I am the friend with the tools.
Originally Posted by GIACUser View Post
I like that it looks rather mundane and sort of a commuter car but is really a wolf in sheeps clothing.
True ESP OFF on 08.5-09 cars:
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Das Gespenst
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Originally Posted by zrickety View Post
I crushed an Evo the other day, he wasn't ready.
Lmao, first thing that came to mind...... I kicked this dudes ass the other day, he was a cripple.
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