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CTS Turbo

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Golf R Internals Swap - Opinions Welcome

I'm starting the tear today to swap MK6R rods and pistons into my K04 MK5 GTI. I picked up the rods/pistons (pictured) from a wrecked MK6R w/ 50k miles for $155 and will be installing them w/ new bearings and rings. I went back and forth on whether to go this route vs drop-in H beams, and I ultimately decided on the OEM+ approach with added benefit of stronger, lower CR pistons that are matched to my current turbo and injectors.

2 aspects of the install that I'm not decided on come down to cylinder honing and thrust washer replacement. The engine has 118K miles and doesn't consume much oil at all, maybe 1 qt per 5000 miles. VAG doesn't mention hone or deglazing in the shop manual, just check piston clearance and ring gap and go. Another consideration is I do not plan on pulling the crank, so honing will be done with the crank insitu, with any effort possible to protect the crank journals from debris. On the thrust washers, I'd like to replace them if possible because I've been running a stiffer pressure plate for years. I figure they can be removed/reinstalled by removing the 3rd main cap, leaving the crank in place. Anyone see any reason this can't/shouldn't be done?

Any advise is appreciated.

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