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Chance Encounters of the MKV kind

I own a 2018 MK7 and an MKV, but was driving the MKV on vacation the past week. On the drive back home from vacation in North Carolina (on Monday around 7 PM) on Rt 79 North, I had a Tornado Red Golf MKV R32 pass me going about 100 mph in West Virginia. I ended up passing him driving about 80 + mph and was in front of him for about 20 mins before he passed me one last time -- again, going at least 100 mph (in WV, but near the PA border).

Given the rather small community of tuned MKV's and the fact that many of them read this forum, I was wondering if anyone wants to take responsibility for this act of highway lawlessness - and owning a fairly tight R32? I don't recall the plate #, but guessing it was a WV registered vehicle.
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