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SlowNLow Buildthread/Photothread

After considering returning my car to stock, i finally decided to keep modding it.
I've come to the realization that my car will never be a show car like Fuzzys or MM5 but i decided to keep modding because it's something I enjoy and it seems like others enjoy my car as well.
I decided to make this thread for that reason, People keep telling me they love my car and can't wait to see what i change for next season.
So this is a way to keep everyone updated.
So first off, thanks to everyone who follows the build of my car and enjoys my car, that is what keeps me going.

I bought the car brand new in July 2009.
First few mods were yellow fogs, open fog grills, colormatched sidemarkers, LM Reps, and FK Highsports

Hanger 5 by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Winter 09/10 by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I sold the LM Reps and had my eye on a new set of wheels.
I traveled up to Connecticut and bought the Lexus SC430 wheels that John had just taken off his 20th.

New Wheels <3 by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Untitled by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Untitled by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I realized i wasn't low enough, So we spun the coils down the day before Show N Go 2010

Pre-Show N Go by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Then in June of 2010 i drove to Maryland and traded the Lexus wheels for some Alphards.
This was probably my favorite stage of my car.

La-Z-Boy by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Me and Quay met up at H20.

Untitled by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I then sold the Alphards and put the money aside for the next set of wheels. Over winter i found a painted votex rear for super cheap, fell in love with jetta grills and bought them too, then got some free votex side skirts from my friend.
After buying these parts and going out to the bar almost every day that winter, i had spend all my wheel money.
Furby found me a set of '89 Vette wheels that needed work.
I bought them and spent almost every Thursday during the winter working on them with my friends.
Finally i had them done right before SOWO.

Fresh for 2011 by MisterBarry, on Flickr

At Sowo.

Untitled by MisterBarry, on Flickr

SOWO 2011 by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I came home from SOWO and realized i was sick and tired of beating up my car from being low and i just wanted to keep going lower.
The horrible roads in NJ made my decision easy, I ordered a bag setup through Dan Hagen.
Finally started the bag install at Furby's house.
A huge shout out to all my friends who lended a hand and especially Furby

So by July 2011 i was bagged and had color matched the centers of my wheels.

Bag Setup
-Airlift XL fronts
-RE-5 rears with D Cups
-Accuair Manifold
-Dual Viair 444c Compressors
-AVS 7 switch box
-Viair Gauges
-5 gallon skinny tank

Bagged by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Fitment. by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Dat Ass by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I got my frame notched July 22nd.
Then July 23rd i was getting ready to go to a friend's house in upstate NY for the weekend and i got into an accident.

Ouch by MisterBarry, on Flickr

About a month later and over $10K worth of damage, my car was back.
Also got a wink mirror while the car was in the bodyshop.

Camber Yo! by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Graffiti by MisterBarry, on Flickr

Arches by MisterBarry, on Flickr

After H20 2011 i traded my Vette wheels for some 2 piece Mercedes Markabs. They were curbed and i planned on refinishing them this winter.
I decided that the Markabs weren't crazy enough for me and i thought they were a bit boring.

Creepin by MisterBarry, on Flickr

She's a dirty girl.. by MisterBarry, on Flickr

I sold them Dec 2011 and put the money towards a new camera.

As the car sits now, It is on steelies and i have yet to figure out what my next set of wheels is going to be.
I'm flying out to Cali in February to visit my friend Brandon and will be stopping in MemoryFab to check out some wheels.

This weekend i'm getting a new rear bumper

This is how the car sits now as of March 2019. Been garaged for the past few years as I have another daily now
Newer pictures can be seen on my IG as I don't post here anymore. IG:MichaelBarry

Alone. by Mike Barry, on Flickr

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