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Originally Posted by 514Rabbit View Post
Ok, I am doing some major changes on my car for the next season and had a few questions, hoping some of you could help me out.

First question: How much should I expect to spend on air ride for my MKV Rabbit
(Bags, Compressor, Installation).

2. How hard is it to maintain this kind of suspension?

3. Where can I have it done? Preferably in Quebec? If Not than in Ontario or Vermont, or NY, or NJ?



I am going to be bagging soon too! Theres a guy on here "infrared" who is bagged and very knowlegeable of everything needed to do the job. He's a H20i right now so I dont think if he'll be posting for a few days.

The cost depends on whether or not you have coilovers already, If you don't have coilover expect to spend anywhere from $2500-$3500(depending on the components you choose). If you do already have coilovers or you want to keep your stock struts and just bag them you can get away with spending aroung $1500-$2000(also depending on components). Maintence from what I've gathered is minimal, just check you air/water seperator every once in a while, look over the lines make sure everything is clean, and there are no leaks. Now I have no Idea where you can have it done since there isn't really a big crowd for air here on the east coast/Canada.

Here are a few threads I highly recomend you read, there's lots of great information and can probably answer many of your questions, also go to and look in the "air suspension" section, there are a lot of bagged vw's so you can see other examples.
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