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Originally Posted by dmfracer View Post
I would be interested to know how these stand up to track day abuse. When will you be able to go and provide some feedback?
I have no plans for track, but on the VMaxx official site they have a video of a guy running on the Nurburgring. Funny video cuz the guy driving is bloody horrible at it!

Originally Posted by GTIcwMK5 View Post
look awesome, I might have to look into this for the future
I was on the fence but with that price being very reasonable I am pretty sure I will pull the trigger. Rather than rebuild I will do the BBK. I asked V Maxx many questions and they always responded right away. Things like brake bias with OEM rear brakes, and proper operation with OEM braking components (master cylinder and what not). They stated all has been tested properly. The kit is TUV approved which does make me feel better that the kit has been tested.

When I ask about the manufacture they state that they manufacture all the products. I know they is highly unlikely but they insist it is true. The logo is stamped on everything even the pads. If I am honest when I lookup some of the pads I see AP and ALCON caliper fitments. I even got Austen Martin and TVR caliper fitment. Just some interesting search output.... The pad options are pretty extensive based on the list they sent me. I am considering that EBC Redstuff or the Hawk Performance HPS 5.0 variant (new version of HPS pad).
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