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Originally Posted by kidplatinum View Post
Hello hemidesign (Marcello),

I was curious how the kit held up. Any updates?

Also, did you install the kit or have it installed? During the install process did any issues, complaints, or concerns come up? Did you have to cut/remove anything that cannot be reversed.

I need to replace the pads and rotors on the R, and was looking at two piece rotors and quality pads. While on Urotuning's site I came across the V-Maxx kit. I contacted them, V-Maxx and they were extremely helpful and used you as a reference. Urotuning was responsive to but I had many detailed questions that really would not have been fair to ask Urotuning.

I appreciate your follow-up info if you do not mind sharing.

If anyone else picked up the kit please chime in...

Thanks in advance

He's not on here very much anymore, but he is a friend of mine. Install was very straightforward with no issues. They bolt up to the stock spindles nicely, if I remember correctly he had to remove the stock dust shields but I could he wrong. Nothing was irreversible for sure though. He loved these brakes and they performed great.
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