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Button wins again! It's a shame they started the race so late in the day again and the monsoon ended it prematurely, still fun to watch all the strategies unfold about which tire to run, the inter or full wet. Glock looked pissed, he knew how close he was to his first win. Toyota had a great weekend finishing 3rd and 4th.

Ferrari gambled with Kimi and lost big and Massa never seemed to have the pace. McLaren did manage a point thanks to Lewis, too bad his crying wolf about quitting was just a bunch of whining to get him his a press conference to clear his name that he was just doing what he was told. He and his Dad can leave and never come back. And Heikki, not much you can really say about a guy who has yet to complete a lap in the '09 season.

It will be interesting to see what the council says about all the diffuser complaints next week.
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