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To who ever may help me on this issue i am having for the past 6 months. That is half a year.

-I found, a guy on instagram, named kcarbon, aka, Michael Ratcliffe, who was doing cf skinning parts.
After talking with him on some ideas, we agreed on doing parts for my Audi A1. First one, was the steering wheel i had retrofitted from an Audi TTs (8S), that we agreed i would ship to him in order to do the following.

-Cf top and bottom
-Alcantara sides with red stitching
-Alcantara retrim of the already trimmed airbag
-Cf airbag cover
-Paint the airbag ring in gloss black.

All these were agreed for a certain price, so i sent my steering wheel to Stockport, Cheshire where he is located.
He received the complete package. Then, I put the first payment through paypal so that he can start working on it. We are now at 16 November 2018.
He supposedly started working on it, and then on 21 of January 2019 he claimed the things were about to be ready, so asked for the second payment so as to complete. Again, no questions asked, i sent the payment again via paypal.

So my payment was complete on January 2019.

He sent me some pics of half-assed job on the steering whereas the other items were not done, and he said on the emails they are ready and i cannot see clearly. Whereas items were NOT touched. After enormous amounts of lies, on April, about 5 months later, i decide that i cannot take up any more lying, which included from hospital health issues, to family problems, to photos of the items that a guy with a dslr has, i file claims through paypal for my payments.

When payment number 1 is issued back to me, he then remembers to do the items, to a very bad level of craftmanship, and demands money back in order to ship them. I have the second claim on paypal pending. After months of lying, i simply cannot send money again to this guy.
There is a huge wave against him on instagram, from guys cheated and victims, known guys in the uk scene, with Audi R8s, Audi TTs, many many guys not having their parts and their money. I asked that he sent me the items ready, and a paypal invoice, but he simply wont go for it.
So he is threatening me that he has my steering wheel, which you know how much it costs.

I will probably get the full refund i paid for the service, but what i am asking from the UK car community is some help with this situation, someone living nearby, or being able to help in any way. It is very sad for us car enthusiasts to be scammed like that.

I have talked with my country's police, with eu consumer services, and Uk Action Fraud and have filed reports.

Please guys, if anyone can be of any help, please let me know. I appreciate it.


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