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Originally Posted by emanyankee View Post
all the photos everyone lost? say if you lost a pic and then its on a forum and i can now see it on your thread? or just mine? sorry if nub question.
All photos hosted by Photobucket in unpaid accounts had their file extension changed in a recent effort to stop hosting files for third party viewing. What was lost was the ability to view any of those pics, years worth of pics posted by anyone using a free Photobucket account. What is recovered by adding this extension to your browser is the ability to see all those pics again.

This extension defeats Photobuckets attempt to block access to those pics. As mentioned above, Photobucket may change that extension once again when they see that this "fix" has spread widely and their effort to block third party access has failed.

Third Party Hosting is when you (first party) use our forum (second party) for example and post a pic by placing a link in your thread pointing to a pic for example hosted by Photobucket (third party)
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