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Hello all,

I'm not a fan of a thread for every single thing you do with your car, so the plan is for this single thread to contain all that I ever do with this car.

My first car was a 93 accord. I owned it from 2004-2013.
Then Dec 2013 I traded it in for this lovely 2007 GTI.

Car details:
Black Magic Pearl
125K mi

From what I can tell it's all stock besides the cheap 16s the previous owner put on it, and tinted windows.
And I have no idea what the maintenance history is.
So I'm going to be doing as much of the standard maintenance as I can to establish a history and ensure a reliable fun car.

Done so far:
-Oil change (Liqui Moly & Mann filter)
-Seated the headlight bulbs which weren't attached to the headlight housing at all, whoever touched them last obviously had no clue what they were doing.
-Looked over the car for issues. Found the following:
-d2s bulbs are different color temperatures.
-Driver side mirror indicator is out.
-Squeaking on the timing belt side
-Oil on top of valve cover, and here and there around, wiped off to see where it reappears.
-Tear in driver side CV boot
-Checked cam follower
-Busted up front grill
-Broken rear wiper arm
I decided to just assume the car has not been properly maintained for a while.
Parts I have ordered:
-ECS Ultimate Plus Timing Belt Kit
-ECS Cam Follower Replacement Kit
-Genuine DSG Transmission Service Kit
-Cabin filter
-Air filter
-Fuel filter
-Set of Bosch spark plugs
-Raxles drivers side axle (Marty is a really nice guy)
-Ross Tech VCDS License with Micro-CAN cable
-Misc tools
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