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Originally Posted by steveo17 View Post
yes he's building the motor and doing pretty much every supporting mod

OP might want to consider replacing the valve springs? not sure how much supporting info there is on this, but you're going to have the motor apart anyway
Thanks for taking care of my thread while I'm away lol (shakes fist at Andrew)

Ill look into the USP lpfp option, if its just a drop in solution ill have a hard time not doing it lol.

As for the valves, ive gone back and forth. Considering building the top end with some fancy Ferrara springs and valves, but have seen guys running gt30Xx turbos pushing 5-600 hp on stock FSI valve trains with 0 issues. Im trying to avoid doing things unnecasarily if I can. Money is not limitless, and 3 projects at once is killing me lol.

Also considering doing a RFD, have not done enough research on this yet and was wondering what the pros and cons are to it. Anyone care to chime in?
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