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I totally hear where you are coming from, however those spray pattern tests were done on a faulted system, = pressure on all 3 injectors at the same time, once you figure in the tune (requesting a higher volume) and actually raise rail pressure, if I'm not mistaken the difference at the injectors would be substantial.

I haven't seen anyone run the RS4's with a DM F23T and want to see if there are gains to be had. Simple mechanics dictates they are not working less but you arent pushing them as hard (using 70 out of 100% instead of 100 out of 100% of its potential.) I'm being a guinea pig for those who come later lol. If DM comes back and says its pointless ill go S3, but if there is a cheaper more efficient route to go, the people have a right to know. There's a reason the BT guys use RS4's instead of S3's.
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