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Project racecar. Build #1

Figured I'd keep an updated picture at the beginning.

**End edit**

Soooo, a little back story. 1 month before Christmas thought my turbo blew, so as my moto goes, upgrade as it breaks ( the car tells me what my next mod is lol). So I continued my research on turbo upgrades with a renewed vigger.

And bought this for when the GTI is down.

It turns out my CC send line froze and took out my valve cover gasket.

So a $18 repair later the GTI is up and running. However, my turbo is on its last legs and its about time to give the old girl an over haul. Now enter my end decision. Decided Frankenturbo has their shit together and DM has been doing some awesome things as well as being an awesome contributor to this forum. Mad respect to both companies for showing how a tuning/hardware company should be!!!

This is going to be a slow build and pieced together over the next 2 months, but end results should be satisfying

Parts to come and or go on still.

Golf R MAP sensor (have)
IE rods (have)
JE pistons (have)
ARP hardware (have)
Supertech intake and exhaust valves (have)
IE valve springs and hardware
HPA intake manifold
BT (endecided between a Garrett GTX or BW EFR)
USP/Audi TTS lpfp
S3 injectors (have)
RS4 FRV (have)
ECS tuning carbon fiber fender flares
Carbon fiber hood and hatch
Chassis braces
TTRS master cylinder (have)
Tyrol sport master cylinder brace
Full DPI water meth setup (have part of)
Sunroof delete (have)
Probably a ton of stuff I forgot about

You can see in my sig what I already have done, so now the supporting hardware starts going on. First up is the APR hpfp, found a killer deal and a good guy on in the classifieds and pulled the trigger. Doing a swap from Illinois to California (thank god I have the truck lol). Waiting for the new pump to come in, the long 8 day wait begins.

As she sits now, waiting for the pump

Was time to do the follower anyway lol.

Good by pump, you have done well and served your owner very well!! (stage 2 not one fuel cut)

I will keep this updated as I move along, SPM intercooler comes in 2 weeks!! DM Stage 2+ shortly after. So stoked! If anyone out there has some words of wisdom ( I'm looking at you Bunnspeed, Eurocars, RedSpade, Freshpots, Brokenparts, Vegas, you know who you are)

Like I said, will be slow due to my money tree only growing lemons, seriously if I had as much money as lemonade.... uhhhh.

*Running mod list*

Custom Dyno tune w/Mobile one inc
S3 injectors
HPA intake manifold
Golf R 3 bar map sensor
Custom (TCR) DPI water meth W/ TBP nozzle
Billy Boat downpipe W/custom catback
Evoms intake
Evoms heatshield
Eurojet valve cover
SPM motor and trans mounts
BSH dog bone mount
Fluidampr pulley
Red top coils
Custom catch can
SPM intercooler
BSH throttle body pipe
Samco IC hoses
Eurojet coolant hoses
MFactory LSD
Battery relocate (in the hatch)

Eibach Multi Pro R2 coilovers W/ TTRS top mounts
TTRS front spindles
TTRS front control arms
Powerflex black series control arm bushings
Powerflex Black series ALK
Tiguan/CC Rline rear spindles
Megan Racing rear upper adjustable control arms
Megan Racing rear lower toe bars
All Powerflex black series front bushings
All Aurora Spherical bearing rear bushings
SPM front and rear sway bars
Whiteline front and rear end links
Whiteline bumpsteer kit (Hyme jointo tie rods)
Whiteline steering rack bushing
Tyrol sport front and rear dead set kit
KMD front chassis/subframe brace
Stern rear chassis brace

Stoptech ST40 BBK front
Golf R/R32 rear brakes
Front and rear stainless braided brake lines
Carbotech XP12 front pads
Hawk DTC-60 rear pads
Rota Grid 17X9.5 et35 wheels
Maxxis RC-1 tires 275/40//17
20mm front and rear spacers
ECS lug studs conversion w/ 1320 steel race lug nuts
Custom (TCR) front brake ducts
Castrol SRF brake fluid

Auto power 4 point cage
Partially stripped interior
Airbags, radio, speakers removed
Full Halon fire suppression system (engine bay and cabin)
Master kill switch
Recaro Hans 2 driver seat W/ Sparco 6pt harness
Custom driver seat back brace
Xuji Alcantara steering wheel wrap
Custom diamond plate floor mats
Podi boost gauge and column pod
VEI wide band AFR gauge and intake temp gauge
Bosch oil pressure gauge
Cooling mist progressive W/M controller
Newsouth triple gauge pod
Custom sub/auxiliary system switch panel
Radio delete plate
Racepak lap timer
Simpson race net
Wide angle race mirror

Blind spot driver and passenger side mirrors
Evoms carbon fiber mirror housings
Evoms carbon fiber grill
Seibon carbon fiber doors
Seibon carbon fiber rear lower valance
ECS carbon fiber flares
Vinyl wrap carbon fiber hood and hatch
Helix black cherry tail lights
Maxton front race splitter
BYC wing
Custom TCR side splitters
Custom TCR canards
Custom TCR sunroof delete
Open fog grills
Lots of stickers

It should be noted, I originally did not plan on turning this into a full fledged race car, but things have a funny way of working out. Not sure at what point I just went full retard and said screw it, but I did and there's no going back now. When you are this far down the "rabbit" hole it just makes more sense to keep digging.

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