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Originally Posted by GTI DSG Freude am Fahren
DSG it´s really a DREAM
I have never driven before a better system (better than any BMW SMG). Since I got it I just love to cruise in "D", it sporty and comfortable at one time. For example driving in down town in 6th gear, want to pass the traffic light before it turns, foot down (kickdown) an it shifts in 2nd gear, makes great noise and off you go! Try this with a manuel gear box. It´s a beautiful system
I tried an Subaru Impreza WRX STI down town and it doesn´t make so much fun as the GTI DSG. It´s just perfect.
I've got one of the first production DSG GTIs built, I've had it over a year now and put just about 26k miles on the clock thus far, and I'm enjoying it more and more every day. As I learn more about what the DSG is really capable of, the car is increasingly taken to its limits (always safely and responsibly ) and my enjoyment and appreciation of the car and what VW have done just keeps growing.
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