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Originally Posted by AM59Z2x31
I wonder if my dealer was giving me a build date rather than a delivery date?
Who did you talk to in VW Aus and what info do they need to get a build and delivery date? I might try calling them.
What options did you order as this can also affect the build time?
I only ordered DSG as I did not want Leather, sat nav, sun roof or Xenons.

Could it also depend on the dealer and the allotment they get and/or how fast they are selling them?

I am a bit p****d about waiting till June/July I feel sorry for you having to wait until September. Although bloody nice car and probably well worth the wait.
I spoke to customer relations....1800 060 936. I gave them my Commission Build number which l got off Barloworld Glen Waverley in January.

Ive ordered Tornado Red with DSG, Sunroof and SatNav.

I'm very disappointed with the delay. When l first ordered it, the comment was...."worst case scenario, May". I know the dealer has no control over it but l fail to see that a five month delay can blow out to 9 months so quickly.
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