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Winter tires finally mounted because the weatherman says it'll be 30 degrees or colder for a whole week. This unusually warm weather has meant that there has been no motivation to take off the summers.

Winter wheels all scuffed up - probably from being sloppy in storage. I also forgot to mark the corners when I took them off last year, but it was easy to tell which were the fronts and which the rears since they were on the GTI so wear was clear. And they're directional. So best guess wins. Rotated the rears to the front. And made sure the wheel weights cleared everything.

Tossed the wheels/tires on, loaded up the summer wheels and dropped them off at my storage site. Started home and noticed that my tire dash light was lit. Damnit. I haven't had TPMS sensors in my wheels for years and I totally forgot that the winter set doesn't have them in.

The lugs on this car are pretty worn already and the rears still have the locking lug. Which means the Mk6 lug caps I have for them don't fit. So I'll be swapping that out for two normal lugs. And typical - only have 1 of the 2 wheel lug caps I need. At least I found all 4 spare center caps.

Thought about tossing my 10mm spacers on the rear, but I've used all my extended bolts, so that's out for now, unless my shop has some laying around. Which is semi-likely.

To do: clean the wheels taken off, as they're absolutely filthy. Clean the wheels just put on, since they're scuffed as hell. Swap the locking lugs out for normal ones. Code VAGCOM to turn off the wheel sensor light - and check the air in the tires a few times to make sure they're still holding air properly. Should probably do an alignment as well since it's slightly out for months now but I'm lazy.
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