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Quoting from their site.

What means compatibility with hands-free OEM units ??
This emulation allows mounting in a vehicle with red FIS, a unit of BT as they ride the latest vehicles with white box and see the menu Phone in the FIS.

What are the advantages of BT unit mount a white box ??
The main advantage that BT has a white box unit is AD2P audio feature which lets you play music through the phone and listen through the speakers of the car radio.
Apart from this, the control units for white box, equipped with chips and newer versions of software so that its operation is more stable and effective.

How i must enable this compatibility mode ??
After entering the setup menu Polar FIS, go to the menu DISPLAY-> DISPLAY-> EMUL. BT and then activate the function. After activated, the function is not available immediately, so it starts working after enabling it, you must close the vehicle and wait 1 minute after the screen goes FIS. From then you can make contact and start and run correctly. This step is only necessary after enabling this function, then no longer necessary.

Finally, note that this function has been tested with several models of BT's exchanges, but it's still a BETA version, so even if we do not expect any problems, may arise in this case, please contact with us and will be solved as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Polar FIS performs only the function of support for this unit can create the menu and Phone in the FIS can see your messages, all functions including Agenda, connection, audio AD2P ultimately depend on the compatibility of the phone and radio, as in the other ECUs BT, Parrot, etc.

Videos of compatibility of BT (working over RED FIS)

NOTE : All videos are from a SKODA vehicle with RED FIS. (Basic BT Unit - Enabling the option) (Basic BT Unit - Working) (Premium BT Unit - Working)


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Cheers Booba.

I have asked what warranty they provide. Their price is just a shade north of an eBay seller who is only providing 14days warranty.

This module you're referring to....I'm curious. Got any more info? Does this mean I could use the 9W7 BT kit and bang the module on for compatibility?
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