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Golf 5 GTI Edition 30

Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself and obviously my car 😍

I'm Josť, I live in Hamburg, Germany and I am 29 years old. I bought the GTI a week ago and I am absolutely happy with it. It has about 87.000 km on it and is an absolute mint condition. For those who dont know what Edition 30 means: its basically the Audi S3 engine with 230 hp and the K04 turbocharger. I am very impressed of the power the car puts down.

For the future I am not quite sure wheather to tune it with a CAI, turbo back exhaust and so on. Or should I just leave it stock with only a few cosmetical mods??? Usually here in Germany tuned cars are sold fur much cheaper than stock cars and as a matter of effect it is an Edition 30 which are quire rare!!

I would appreciate if you could share your thought!

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