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Originally Posted by Das Gespenst View Post
And this is now the second time I've learned I could have run the stoptech brake kit up front. Could have bought an ST4O kit for $700, fml.

Glad to see the car is still coming along and you're still going at it! How does it feel with everything you've done now?

In addition to the improved braking performance and feel, the two-piece Stoptech kit is great for its weight savings in the 328x28mm rotor size. The 355mm rotor kit is about equal to stock weight. The Stoptech pads are damn awful though, and glace easily.

Car runs good and is practically brand new because I had access to company cars for the longest time. The MkV needs some work though with some electronic issues that is affecting driveability and power delivery. MAP sensor, MAP harness, or some other harness or sensor in that area of the car has some problems. Would you know where to find the electrical diagnostics manual? I've looked and had no luck.
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