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Last night I decided I needed to put the DSG paddles on, so I drove to my friend's house 2 clicks away from mine and came bearing gifts of friendship (beer) so I didn't have to do it alone.

First up, reading the instructions carefully before you throw them out your window, because we all know you know what you're doing.

Disconnected the battery and looked at the fuse box, to pull out the third one for the airbag.

Setting up our makeshift mirror and light.

The instructions mentioned something about a 2min break, for any residual electricity to dissipate. So we took this time to discard them for our beer and took a 5min break. The beer is called Bevog btw and is locally brewed 45min from my location in Austria.. by a Slovenian.

This was less than comfortable to do, but with liquid courage in our asses it was fine.

After we got the paddles out, we needed to switch the stock outer paddle with the DoubleApex one, this was a bit tough on the fingers.

One side complete

Both sides complete, with airbag back clipped into the steering wheel.

Looks quite good and feels even better.
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