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So a new box arrived today

It had some things for the golf, like a new AEM filter

and some hoses to fabricate a new CAI

Some very cool Polo shirts

It also had some things for the Audi though

like my new longer studs which will be needed for the forthcoming spacers

And this lovely thing

But that is not all.

Having removed the muffler from the A4, I did not want to sell it, cause I like it too much. So . . . this happened . . .

Previous exhaust setup

Me no likey

Let's cut it

Bye Bye


What if . . .

Let's cut what gets in the way


Exhaust hanger

Guess which is the new work and which one the old

Let's move on.

I lost no time, and wanted to go a bit wider on the car. I opted for 245.40.18 like I was running on my Audi. For now at least.

So i took my old R888s and some Vredesteins for the front, and threw them on the car.

let me guide you with pics

bye bye 225.40

Hello wideness

-yeah yeah, I got this

Fitment was spot on on the rear

`And took some . . . love on the front to sit like I wanted it with no rubbing

Brought them tires home safely - lol

Car sat pretty much perfectly

Cheers, more to come :)
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