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Post INTERIOR LED basics

BTW cyphir, it is unlikely the LED bulb you installed is an issue.
More likely you inadvertently shorted the hot circuit during an interior bulb install,
which would open that fuse.
To avoid that, pull the fuse before executing bulb swaps,
reinstall the fuse after the bulb is correctly in place.
Also, if any of your new LEDs do not light while the other interior bulbs do,
it is likely polarity, rotate the bulb 180 in its socket, and it will probably work.

No special error canceling bulbs are required for the interior light circuit,
which does not include footwell lights (if equipped).
Any bulb that fits will be ok for interior trunk light, front map and dome lights,
rear map and dome lights, visor vanity lights, and glove box light (if equipped).
That said, when changing to LEDs in all of the switched dome light branch of the circuit
(i.e. just the front and rear map and dome lights)
you may encounter a dim 'glow while off' on just the dome LEDs with those bulbs.
(key on, dome light rocker in the door switched / center position, doors closed).
No harm, just a bit of an annoying dim glow,
and if you want to get rid of it, one error canceling bulb
in any dome position will eliminate it.

Footwell lights do require some form of error canceling when swapping to LEDs,
either special error canceling LEDs
(regular LEDs draw too little current to satisfy the error monitoring)
or installing additional load (resistor) to the circuit.
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