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clownish 11-03-2015 01:58 PM

More Clowning Around: R32
2008 VW R32 #3669
Got myself a GTI a few years ago (Build thread: Just Clowning Around) and have gone off the deep end. Tried a motorcycle (Honda VFR800) to keep myself reasonable with some cheap speed but it really isn't the same. Will be selling that thing and probably dumping the funds straight into this, my new "winter beater" but more like a second project car. Comments welcome!

Maintenance Log:
October 27, 2015 - 117,213 mi - Bought and titled #3669 MkV 08 R32
November 3 - 117,462 mi - DSG and Haldex service (no filter) + mk6 R catback @ HS Tuning
November 10 - 118,503 mi - Oil change, new spark plugs, UM ECU/DSG tune @ Next Level Performance
November 17 - 119,437 mi - TT-RS brake swap + new coilpacks @ HS Tuning
December 3 - 121,115 mi - Milltek catback + oil change @ HS Tuning
December 9 - 121,453 mi - RCD-510 installed; interior LEDs; billet seat lever; console bin
December 16 - 121,629 mi - Double Apex USB + Mute; hardwire V1
December 29 - 123,464 mi - Double Apex aux relocate; Euroswitch; Valeo modded taillights
January 6 - 123,821 mi - Winter tires/wheels put on
January 9 - 124,032 mi - Repaired seat rip @ DuraMend in Cleveland, OH
February 29 - 126,270 mi - oil change + removed top fender screws @ HS Tuning
March 4 - 126,390 mi - Rolled fenders and painted them to retard rust build up
March 16 - 127,214 mi - B8 strut + VWR springs; chrome grill; summer tires/BBS CFs @ HS Tuning
March 20 - 127,982 mi - Stock Omanyt wheels back on
May 3 - 130,XXX mi - snow tires back on because friend borrowing car and huge bubble in pirelli tires
May 14 - 130,XXX mi - Continental extremeContact DW mounted/balanced on Omanyts
May 25 - 131,101 mi - new relay for accessories circut + new turn signal bulbs wedge style (NA21)
June 6 - 131,475 mi - oil change @ HS Tuning
June 12 - 131,932 mi - changed both headlight bulbs
June 15 - 132,012 mi - OEM side mirrors and grill back on
July 16 - 132,511 mi - OEM shifter plate replaced from a '14 Mk6 GTI
August 14 - 133,300 mi - Black front grill and radar cord relocate installed
September 7 - 134,006 mi - R36 dead pedal installed
October 14 - 134,843 mi - Weathertech dark tint window guards
October 28 - 136,263 mi - Oil change
December 22 - 137,893 mi - DSG service, DSG oil pan replaced, new battery
February 13 - 141,915 mi - Oil, bevel box, rear diff, and Haldex serviced
April 3 - 142,642 mi - Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s on new-to-me Omanyts
June 12 - 146,129 mi - oil change
June 15 - 146,321 mi - Porsche OEM license plate LEDs
September 21 - 146,732 mi - '13 OEM trunk hatch struts
January 15, 2018 - 150,221 mi - oil change
June 10 - xxx,xxx mi - sold continental DW tires
June 12 - 152,280 mi - summers back on; black painted Omanyts from Colin
October 3 - 155,xxx mi - passenger side rear wheel bearing; oil change
December 7 - 156,xxx mi - DSG service; Michelin Alpina AP4 winter tires on stock Omanyts
January 5 - 156, 653 mi - Repainted front fenders for rust repair
March 29 - 159,583 mi - oil change, 2 OEM front wheel bearings, new pads and rotors.
May 5 - 161,331 mi - summer set up back on (straightens, remounts etc.)
July 28 - 162,431 mil - new alternator assembly

  • United Motorsport Stage 1+ ECU Tune
  • United Motorsport DSG Tune

  • Milltek Resonated Catback #SSXVW134
  • H&R extended wheel lugs (20x)
  • H&R 12mm spacers (front)
  • H&R 10mm spacers (rear)
  • Audi TT-RS front 4 piston calipers
  • StopTech PowerSlot CryoTech 345mm rotors
  • EBC Redstuff front brake pads for TT-RS
  • Audi TT-RS 23.81 mm master brake cylinder
  • Audi TT-RS brake line brackets (Front)
  • 034 TT-RS Stainless Braided Brake Lines (Front)
  • VagBremTechnic brake caliper brackets
  • Bilstien B8 struts
  • VW Racing lowering springs
  • Audi TTS strut bushing & bearings (Front)
  • VW Omanyt 18x7.5 et51 (custom black pearl)
  • Firestone Firehawk Indy500 225/40/18

Winter Mode
  • Yokohama iceGuard52c 225/40/R18
  • VW Serron 18x7.5 ET51

  • Klii Motorwerks Tornado Red rear hatch insert
  • VW Stubby Antenna
  • Porsche license plate LEDs
  • Valeo tail-lights modded Euro-style dark cherry tint + amber turn
  • VW European aspherical mirrors
  • Weathertech dark window rain inserts
  • American Standard film 35% front/20% rear tint
  • eBay black-housing LED turnsignals
  • ECS black front grill
  • Xpel Ultimate clear vinyl
  • h9 ceramic coating

  • Billet R32-branded seat lever insert
  • VW RCD-510
  • VW R32 Monster Mats
  • VW European console bin
  • deAutoKey Interior LED kit
  • Double Apex USB charger button
  • Double Apex Valentine1 mute button
  • Double Apex Auxiliary port button
  • PP Hardwire for Valentine1
  • VW European Lightswitch
  • VW European R36 dead pedal
  • Weathertech Digitalfit mats + trunk liner

  • VW 2013 Golf R Catback
  • VW RMT300 Accessory Headunit
  • 42 Draft Designs 10mm spacers (Front)
  • ARP extended wheel lugs (10x)
  • eBay chrome side mirror caps
  • eBay chrome front grill
  • BBS CF custom powder-coated 19x8.5 ET35
  • Continental extremeContact DW 235/35/19
  • Carbotech CT1001A 1571 brake pads (Front)
  • Audi TT-RS 370mm front rotors

clownish 11-03-2015 01:58 PM

More Clowning Around: R32
This is my 118k mi Tornado Red 2008 R32. It was meticulously maintained up until 109k mi by its first owner before being traded in, with a stack of receipts showing all the dealership oil changes and maintenance. This first PO dealt with many of the common problems, including AC pumping problems, radiator replacement, serpentine belt replacement, tons of normal fluid and filter swaps, etc. All through the dealer.


An acquaintance (with a R8) bought it as a daily from a dealership after it was traded in. He sold it to me after driving it for 7k mi and dumping plenty of maintenance into it. All of his work was done at HS Tuning in Westlake, OH. I'm quite familiar with the shop since my GTI has been through their doors more times than I care to admit. The maintenance included replacing the cooling fans, brake job, rear bearing. PO also added a VW accessory radio that added SD and bluetooth! Not bad, but I wish I had a touchscreen in it. The RNS-510 keeps calling my name... for both cars.

Now that the R32 is mine, I will be doing maintenance and trying very hard not to dump money into it as well as the GTI. :wub: Tomorrow I plan to do an oil change, DSG service, Haldex service and anything else it needs. Since I'm sick, instead of doing the simple pads and rotors the car needs, I am buying another set of TT-RS front brakes to swap onto the car. Will also need to swap my snow tires from the stock GTI wheels to the stock R32 wheels, just to keep things looking correct.

Quick snap of the GTI also.

707Stang 11-03-2015 02:55 PM

sweet! Nice looking rides man

avenali312 11-03-2015 03:23 PM

Specs on the cat?

Nice, clean R32. Awesome acquisition.

clownish 11-03-2015 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by 707Stang (Post 3793741)
sweet! Nice looking rides man

Thanks! Appreciate it.


Originally Posted by avenali312 (Post 3793745)
Specs on the cat?

Nice, clean R32. Awesome acquisition.

Ahahah, the cat was a shop cat at a tire shop about an hour away from Ocean City. On our way there this year one of the cars blew a tire and we found that had a new tire/mount so the guy didn't run on a spare.

SuperSkyline89 11-03-2015 09:01 PM

Nice car, how serious are you planning to get with it?

clownish 11-03-2015 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by SuperSkyline89 (Post 3793763)
Nice car, how serious are you planning to get with it?

At the moment I have that TTRS BBK already set up (since the R front brakes need to be replaced entirely [emoji849]). So that will be a set of 4pot brembo calipers, carbotech pads, 370mm 2piece rotors, braided stainless front brake lines with the necessary banjo fittings, caliper carriers and hopefully the line brackets. On the GTI this set up is like hitting a brick wall when stopping - it's amazing. The guy I'm buying off of has the exact same set up because we pieced it all together at the same time last year. He just got a set of stop techs so I'll buy the takeoffs and both cars will have some serious stopping power. I will probably need to run a small spacer to clear the oem wheels, which I will run this winter on my snows.

On top of that, I'll be painting the stock R calipers as the blue really clashes with red. I haven't quite decided between red or black. If I do black, I don't have to do anything to the TTRS calipers - they are already black (maybe paint so that the R logo is on hem instead of the RS logo). If I do red, however, I think it will match/look more interesting. Plus the red rear calipers could potentially end up on the GTI in the future. Since that car already has red calipers it would all match.

I have a set of BBS CFs that are custom powder coated bronze with metallic fleck I'd like to test fit on the R because the fitment is a little too stance for the GTI. 19x8.5 et35 with 235/35 tires which means the BBSs have ruined the GTI fenders a tiny bit, despite already being pulled and rolled to fit the original VMR 705s I like to run. So I think they'd look good against the red.


I am looking for coils or springs+struts as well as a tune for ecu/tcu. I'll probably toss an intake on as well. I only have experience with STs and Bilstiens. Leaning toward b8 struts + VWR sport springs or PPS9s. Casual browsing seems to only show PSS10s for the mk5 r32... Will have to look into it to see if there are PSS or PPS9 could available for the platform. The difference between the three coils is nearly a grand so it's pretty significant. Then toss in some stiffer strut mounts as well- either oem TT or 034 track density.

This car is supposed to just be a daily car and its NA so powder gains are almost non existent unless you go full throttle. I'm actively trying not to look at supercharger and turbo kits because I do not need another project car. That said... The HPA kits look amazing. Starting from the bottom, I am trying to decide between UMS, HPA, and Unitronic for a ecu/tcu tune. I've only got experience with APR, but the GTI is a 12 second car so I have no problems with them, despite all the controversy people like to bring up about their marketing practices. No clue what's the best for a vr6. I'm considering the three tuners because there are reputable shops relatively close that can support me if I need it. Seems like UMS is the most common canned tune - no real opinions about vr6s since my entire wheelhouse up till now is FSI and TSI 2.0ts.

Have also checked into cams, headers, manifolds, intakes, etc. but will probably steer clear for the time being. Too much money for too little gain at least for now - too used to being able to just turn the boost up and get an extra 50 whp.

Long story short - I'll put some money into it but it'll be a secondary priority to starting a BT build on the GTI.

Immediate priority is to get all the necessary maintenance down (all the fluids and services; never trust POs) and do any preventative maintenance that makes sense.

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clownish 11-04-2015 07:45 PM

Swapped a mk6 R catback onto the mk5. Exact fitment and one less resonator. All oem. Same as cutting it out on a stock exhaust for a mk5. Slightly louder, not bad for free.


Also did a DSG service and Haldex fluid swap. No external filter really so I'll address that at another time. Picture shows the set up down there.


Noticed that my oil pan cover for the mechatronic unit is pretty rusty and corroded. Will probably replace that at my next DSG service.

Also noticed that my rear diff is covered in fluid and is probably slowly leaking from a seal somewhere. Nothing to worry about right now but if I'm in there, mental note to replace all of those.

Got to do a few launches in this car also... B8 s4 with a pulley, tune, cps, and a few other toys. Only 3k mi on it.


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clownish 11-10-2015 11:22 AM

Going to Next Level Performance, in Greenberg PA today to get a UM tune for ECU/DSG. Excited! Not excited to drive 6 hours on brakes that need to be replaced. Oh well. That's coming next week!

avenali312 11-10-2015 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by clownish (Post 3794140)
Going to Next Level Performance, in Greenberg PA today to get a UM tune for ECU/DSG. Excited! Not excited to drive 6 hours on brakes that need to be replaced. Oh well. That's coming next week!

Brakes are overrated. Brake delete FTW!

clownish 11-10-2015 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by avenali312 (Post 3794141)
Brakes are overrated. Brake delete FTW!

And to lower it, just remove the springs entirely. :happyanim:

Took a half day off of work and drove to Pittsburgh to visit Next Level Performance. Josh Volk has been around for a while in the VAG tuner space and has plenty to show for it. Anyways, pretty straight forward - tuned the car with United Motorsport Stage 1 ECU calibration and a DSG tune to match. Set launch @ 5500 rpm. Also did a much needed oil change and swapped out spark plugs. I am going to preemptively order some coilpacks as well. Thinking about doing some preventative maintenance and getting everything for water pump and timing chains, including slave cylinder, all the guides, maybe rear diff gasket also (it's got a slow leak), and whatever else I can dig up since everything will be apart. Considering, considering...

707Stang 11-14-2015 07:15 PM

dude!!! that is an awesome mod! I work at a body shop ima have to keep an eye out next time one comes through

clownish 11-16-2015 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by 707Stang (Post 3794395)
dude!!! that is an awesome mod! I work at a body shop ima have to keep an eye out next time one comes through

Heh [emoji1] you mean the catback swap?

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clownish 11-18-2015 12:23 AM

More Clowning Around: R32
An acquaintance was swapping out his TT-RS kit for a brand new Stoptech BBK, so I decided that instead of doing front brake pads and rotors, we'd just replace the entire assembly.

Last time a brake job was done on this car must have been about 50-60k mi ago. They were pretty worn and the corrosion had set in hard. Broke the set screw getting it out on one side. Pictures, mainly for my own memory, show the lip on the rotor and the pad, kinda.




Takeoff TT-RS calipers. Dirty, but I know they were installed on the Mk6 GTI only a few months ago. It's about to be winter, so I just sprayed with brake cleaner and didn't really attempt to clean them up. Future plan - repaint them, remove RS logo and replace with a R logo.





After-hours in a friend's shop. Rotor shows some surface rust - despite cleaning these things rust in minutes until the pad wipes it clean. Had to take a wire wheel to the hub, etc. PO used some nice pads at least. On the other car, I'm just using Hawk HPS pads, which dust like crazy. May experiment with Endless the next time I need a set of pads/rotors. Also curious about a company called Tarox, which I've never heard of before, but makes some interesting looking rotors. Also, because using 10mm spacers to clear the OEM wheels, had a helluva time getting the extended lugs to penetrate the hub properly.


Last second almost forgot about the Coilpacks. Was pretty late at this point but only took about three minutes to swap.


This is the Stoptech kit that the donor car for my brakes installed at the same time. Gorgeous.


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xSabretoothx 11-18-2015 02:55 PM

Welcome!! So what is your review of the TT-RS master cylinder, I've been debating on this, but I've heard very mixed reviews of the pedal response.

clownish 11-18-2015 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by xSabretoothx (Post 3794663)
Welcome!! So what is your review of the TT-RS master cylinder, I've been debating on this, but I've heard very mixed reviews of the pedal response.

If you have the ~400 laying around and the pedal feel really bothers you or you are driving extremely aggressive, get it. You need the feedback and the adjustment in the full range to apply the brakes properly.

I was fortunate enough to find my first one for the mk6 at cost. I have a buddy who had one installed on a totally stock R32 and he loves the even stiffer response.

For myself, i can feel the difference but it's not a must have, unlike what some people will tell you. It's a nice to have. You adjust to applying more force without the upsized MC or you kinda drive the same with it... Just with a lot more braking force.

Sorry - more mixed reviews [emoji1]

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clownish 11-20-2015 08:34 PM


This wheel weight got stripped within 20 feet of leaving the lift.

Finally rebalanced the front wheels to make sure that things are even and the wheels stopped shimmying. Happy driving - doing a long road trip for thanksgiving going through DC, Pittsburgh, and maybe Harrisburg.

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clownish 11-25-2015 01:36 PM

I couldn't stand the sound of the one-less-resonated-mk6-catback. The car sounded so raspy under load and droney at highway speeds. Pulled it off and went back to stock. Then, slapping myself because this is my "daily", I ordered a Milltek resonated catback. Cheaper now than any other time of the year I guess. It was between the Magnaflow Touring catback and Milltek. I've seen too many Magnaflow exhausts with misaligned hangers so I went with Milltek since the pricing is about the same and the quality is unmistakable.

Happy turkey day everyone.

707Stang 11-27-2015 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by clownish (Post 3794498)
Heh [emoji1] you mean the catback swap?

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LOL! yea, my quote didn't work....:yikes:

clownish 11-27-2015 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by 707Stang (Post 3795118)
LOL! yea, my quote didn't work....:yikes:

Heh yea it's an awesome mod for free. But st highway speeds and full throttle it was not he sound I was looking for. Loved it at start up, under 3k etc. but hoping this resonated miller will do me right!

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clownish 12-04-2015 12:07 AM

Milltek resonated catback. Straight forward install except for the hanger centered between the muffler / tips. For some reason that one is welded opposite the OEM placement. That means that it was a pure bitch to get it in without things going awry. Finally managed with 3 people, a lift and a mallet. Poor design but at least the placement is right.




Packaged up and ready to unwrap. Two pieces - tips and giant muffler and resonated bend pipe. Noticed that the muffler appears to have been elongated. Also the hanger on the end comes separated with slots for movement so you have to tighten properly. Will check it again tomorrow.




I really like their clamps though - low profile and easy to install. Quality of materials and welds is good if not totally clean. Fitment of tips is beautiful. Everything was easy except for the one hanger I mentioned in the beginning of this post.



Soundwise it is as expected. About the same initial sound level as stock. Deeper and throatier under load. Perfect and refined for daily driving. Definitely not thunderous and raspy like the unresonated versions. Love it so far. Videos to come when I edit later.

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clownish 12-09-2015 01:00 AM

More Clowning Around: R32
Double post. So here's a picture of some of the crew hanging in December.


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