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Greetings from Midland, TX.. I am a new owner of a 2018 GTI Autobahn, fun little ride. Not my first VW that was 1985 Jetta........Looking forward to see what everybody has done to their GTI.
Hi there-- any chance you still have your GTI suspension for sale? I know your post is months old but doesn't say "sold" so just checking. If you happen to still have it, shipping cost to 04105? Thanks! -Dan
Hi, have you ever figure out your wastegate issue with IS20? I'm dealing with similar issue getting EPC and over boost codes.
I saw you sold your Pretoria wheels and was wondering what you got for them, as I am planning on selling mine.
stohlman. i had a few things on my side going into the deal that def. helped me get the price i got, but it's also 6 months later and winter. if you're truly serious, i'd call and ask for mo - he's the guy. tell him you've seen him mentioned on the various vw forums as being the man to talk to for the best deal.
Okay awesome will do, thanks a lot! I'll be buying mid January so I will call him then when I'm ready to pull the trigger
2018 Golf MK7.5 1.8 Unitronic stage 1+; AEM Cold Air Intake; Unitronic Inlet Elbow; RS7 Spark Plugs; APR Dogbone Mount and Insert; ECS Wheel Spacers.
Hey do you or do you know anyone who has a vagcom in the Pittsburgh area? I’m rebuilding a 2016 Audi S3 and need to reset the front seat belt tensioners.
Hey, do you still have the OEM downpipe for the 2012 Golf R? If so, please call me at (303) 519-8661. Thanks, Ed
2015 GTI S DSG Uni stage 1+
How are you liking the DSG tune? I’m SO SICK of the trans kicking down when I’m in the gear I want to be in! I haven’t ridden in a car with the DSG tune yet. I’m stage two and it seems like a better spend than an intercooler.
Sorry man, I’m Uni stage 1+ ecu tune, I don’t have a dsg tune.
As far as oil/oil filter changes. Been doing mine for years using an extractor. Very easy and clean.
I do mine twice a year for piece of mind and don't care what others say. My local auto zone
re-cycles the used oil.
If you lived closer I'd be glad to do it for you.
I am interested in your wheels but not at the price you have on your listing, a mint take off set less than 200 miles on them sold on here a few months for $800.00
What is your bottom $ shipped to 47060?
1000 plus shipping cost