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It has a slight wobble but I haven't noticed it causing wear marks on the filter from its movement.

It could use a new tab.
OEM Dallas wheels with Bridgestones still for sale? Text or call me at 925-336-4195. I'm located in Menifee.
Hi, I didn't see that you were the sales contact on the Bluetooth dongle, payed Tim on FB for one. I guess I got dooped. I will Email you if it doesn't come through 👍
I have a ‘17 4dr sport 6mt to sell and not sure what a good starting point for asking price would be. May I ask what yours sold for?
Hey wondering if you ever sold those brake lines for the Macan calipers. Price shipped to 18944. Still waiting on a quote back from the place but just saw yours in the thread and figured I'd ask.
A mógłbym poprosić o jakiś namiary na to forum, gdzie robią parametryzację kamery za pomocą Car Scanner?
Wiem, że nie ma z tym problemu za pomocą VCP lub Odis, ale to tylko warsztaty i koszt, a tu pojawiła się możliwość zrobić samemu.
Dlatego szukam potwierdzonych opinii.
Pozdrawiam z Płocka.
To follow up on your post. There are 2 DMV groups that are mk7mqb based one is NOVAdubs and NGP (New german performance) is a EU race shop/perfmance shop thats is always looking to help customers plan out things and have fun.
Thanks for the interest. Still available at this time but currently talking to one very interested party.
Hello! i saw you post in regards the spacers in your GTI, I have also a white 2016 GTI with pretoria wheels however even with 8mm spacers the front driver tire rubs with the fender.. which tires are you using in your setup? Also is this something that you think I can fix with aligment?

Thank you!