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Definitively you should resign! I bought a Golf 8R full options and the infotainment broke down completely. They tried to repair it failed as "this car has the latest software": No ventilation and t control, no ACC & PDC, no radio, no tel. interface, no camera, no driver profile regulation, no road signs recognition , no ecall, no seat heating, and this is not the full list. :-(
Hey man,I noticed in your post that u had or have the dsg cooler from Bar tek. I just installed the same one and I was wondering if u know when u do a dsg flush do u have to add more dsg fluid since the cooler is larger or no? Thanks
I would. I don't do the regular procedure. I just fill it to the filler level and call it good. Since DSGs tend to run hot, I think a bit of extra fluid wont hurt.
Hi there, I just purchased the parts for a MIB2 upgraded for my 2015 TDI and wanted to reach out to you about removing the CP and installing CarPlay. What's the best way to discuss this with you?
Gents. Car is in shop right now to install an HPA IS38 turbo on my MK7 GTI. Leaks were found on the coolant reservoir and were replaced. Here's the big problem. After starting the car a really thick white smoke (smells oil) is coming out of the exhaust and dripping oil. What might be the problem?
I recently installed a turbo and in the process accidentally spilled a good amount of coolant into the downpipe. I had white smoke come out of my exhaust as this was the coolant burning off. Should disappear after your car burns it all off by driving for 15 minutes or so. If it continues maybe you can have the shop check everything over again. Best of luck!
Interested in the Forge intake...will you please send me pics many miles on it...anything else that would be helpful. thank you, Greg