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Plyngntrffc said:
GAMEFLY.COM i LOVE it, im on the 3 game plan, 24 bucks a month, theyve got over 60 games to choose from, right now im loving Far Cry! But seriously, try Gamefly, if you like the game your playing, u pay like 20% off the new cost or less possibly, and they'll send you the case and manual in the mail. I love their service, i have had 2 games not make it back to them and they didnt charge me a dime, and i didnt recieve one and they made it up to me as well, honestly, check them out before buying oogles of games...for a crazy long game, Oblivion is good

dont lie u know u keep them!...shit ive done it!

anyways...Gamefly rocks...i use it constantly...matter a fact Tiger Woods and Table Tennis are on their way from gamefly

i definitly recommend gamefly to anyone that just wants to play games all the time without having to spend your yearly income on them


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Could have sworn I've replied to this... Hm... Funny...

Anywho, definatly check out Call of Duty 2, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, and Perfect Dark. About in that order, too!

Oh oh, don't forget about Hitman: Blood Money.