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What are you using? I upgraded from WIN 8.1 recently, and found out yesterday how screwed up Edge is. I have 4 GB RAM and the POS was using almost all 60% of unused memory with no other apps running, which was 96% of capacity. My notebook slowed down and stopped. I thought I needed to look into buying more RAM, but I figured I would see if there was fix or setting change I could make first. But comments on the Microsoft help page revealed that even if you have 10 GB RAM it still sucks you dry. Posters mentioned Edge has a memory leak.

So yesterday afternoon I downloaded Chrome. Now I still have 1 GB free memory even with several windows open.

Is there a better browser or has someone came up with a fix? I figured since we have so many IT types here, this forum is a good place to ask.


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I find the browser wars are tiresome. I end up using Firefox, chrome, and IE, and occasionally even Edge depending on the way the website works that's compatibility issues. As far as performance issues, seems that chrome, opera, and Firefox keep topping each other.


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Chrome used to be a bad memory hog, though it has gotten better. Memory leaks are bad but completely different from using lots of memory by design (like Edge and Chrome do).

Instead of using Windows 8.1, upgrade to Windows 10 (it is still free). It is less demanding on resources. Also, with Windows 8.1 or 10 you aren't locked into using Edge -- that's just the default. You can to go Default Programs and associate HTML hyperlinks and documents with the desktop version of Internet Explorer if you want a more full-featured browser.