WinCE desktop mod for mt6501, wd6050, ws6530, as7608


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thank you for your answer,

1st, I read you have some path, one of your path could be good for my unit (mesada 2440) ?
that case yes, how can get?

2nd, Do you know who can help me in main firmware issues?




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Hi, hope I'm at the right place. I have this unit which I managed to brick when I've put on MIOPocket:


Will your patch be able to fix it? Only thing I know was that it was running wince 6 and the GPS screen looked like this:

Thanks in advance.

H buddy we have the same stupidness..
my H U also stuck on the splash screen.. already 4 month i've search anywhere but still no luck


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Hello, I've just installed WinCE patch on my D99 radio and I'm having some issues. Hopefully you can help me out :)

1) Display calibration: the touch screen is very inaccurate, even using the pen supplied with the radio. For example, I can hardly browse through the "iphone" interface and very often if I click "Games" I get the "Media" screen and so on... Is there any way to calibrate the screen? I used the tool in WinCE control panel but apparently it didn't help. Also, is it normal that the characters (words) on the Windows desktop are so hard to read? I'd expect better resolution from that LCD display.

2) While using a WinCE player (such as NaviPlayer) or any other application, is there any way to set the volume using the right or left knob of the radio? It seems that I can only set the volume using the volume controls in the applications, which are very hard to use because of the touch screen accuracy (see #1), let alone setting the volume while driving...

3) Clock settings. Everytime I exit the Windows desktop and enter my navigation software (iGo Primo) the clock is reset to a wrong time... Any workaround to this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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I have a little problem. I bought TID-7501 and I have tried many gps software but i cant get none of them work. Only IGO8(came with tid-7501) works, but it has old maps(2009) on it.
What do i need to do if i want to use newer version of IGO?


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hi Petrut
i download your patch but till now i didn't use it
since my GPS board not fixed yet
i won't to reflash my N117 board
in the readme file i find the part talking about the reflashing
my quastion is does the reflash files that mention in the readme file included with the zip folder with the patch?
if yes what is name (is it the upgrade?)
if no from where i can get the reflash files
of course thank you


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How do I identify what manufacturer my unit is? The GPS has stopped working, I've replaced the GPS antenna which hasn't resolved it, so guessing the board is dead?

This is a picture of the units label


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This is my first post to the group.

I am having trouble with the patch specifically, I can't get the desktop to load.
An error box pops up with Chinese writting and the word DESKTOP in it.
At the top of the box it says DESKTOP.MSCR and has a red X in it. I click the "ok" in the upper right corner and it closes but the screen remains on the console screen.
I have redownloaded the patch and seperate data file and merged the program files as instructed.
I removed the original wince folder from the sd card and put the new one on it.
I then reinstalled the wince patch but I get the same results.
I have been researching this issue on the web for the past 2 days and have seen users with the same problem but I can't seem to find the fix. Petrut says to email him and he will email detailed instructions on how to fix this. I have done so and have posted the issue on the wince patch site blog but have not received a response yet.
The read me file for the patch says to post problems with the patch here so here I am.
I can provide any additional information that is required.
My user name on the blog is Dean.
Thanks for any and all help.



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Dynavin possible to change the radio tuner for another of better quality?

Good afternoon,

I have provided a one year (Dynavin Mercedes Benz C 800 Full Team DTT v.32 DVN 3G D90 TMC-MBC), as the reception of the radio stations is very bad even though I already have tried several antenna amplifiers, but without success.

My question is will be possible to change the radio tuner for another of better quality?

My thanks.


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Is there anyway I can get a Digital Boost gauge app etc.

I have the wince patch, was wondering if I could get an app to display timing pull and Boost??