Will the euro chrip alarm fit in my GTI?


Trabuco Canyon, CA
VW Rabbit
It is an easy swap.
You need the alarm unit, and the plug that plugs into it.
You could just fabricate a housing for it but since it's there might as well take the mounting bracket too (Have to drill out the rivets).

Repeat on the other car (also need the plug).

Bolt it all back up.

Depends if you have a full MFD car:
If you DO:
Run new wire to CCM behind glove box. This wire goes to the plug. Other two are ground and 12v constant to the battery. Done.

If you DONT:
You already have a wire going to the CCM. Repin it to the correct pin, and attach it to the correct wire on the plug. Ground and 12v constant. Done.

And that is really it. The car getting the other horn must be wired the way your other car was obviously.

Use vagcom to enable/disable the euro chirp.

I think if you work fast it should take about an hour.

I was obviously not very specific since there are a ton of DIYs on this, but those are the steps if you're looking to tackle it.